Boy, Captain Stacy’s words sure won’t haunt you forever, no sir!

Despite what this comic may communicate I actually really enjoyed the Spiderman movie. It was ‘true’ to the comics in a way I didn’t even know the first movie was lacking at the time it came out. Rather than throw his biggest villain at him immediately, the writers have decided to build up Spiderman’s mythos gradually, giving more emphasis to the human side of his story. This new Peter Parker felt like he was part of a consistent world with depth, as opposed to a pageant where prescribed roles are filled. And while he may have been a hipster nerd at least he wasn’t a goth dance enthusiast.

Anyways, it wasn’t perfect but I’ll take Marvel’s 2-3 above-average superhero movies a year over the rest of the schlock Hollywood is shitting out lately. I guess I should put a joke here? Oh well you read it now.