Sorry but someone’s got to say it– The Dark Knight Rises was kind of disappointing!

Batman only put on the suit about 3 times total. The ‘World’s Greatest Detective’ got sidelined while characters we just met figure out what’s going on and determine Gotham’s fate for the majority of the film. Joseph Gordon Levitt was particularly useless. And… ‘Robin’? If you’re going to go that route his name is either Dick, Jason or Tim, thank you very much. Frankly, the film would probably have been a lot cleaner without him, and probably without Marion Cotillard as well.

We have more gripes about the movie…glaring plot holes (how did Batman get back to Gotham so fast after escaping the pit?), unclear character development (Catwoman screws over Batman very seriously not once but twice yet their reconciliation is dismissed out of hand), and anticlimactic conclusions (Bane’s demise was not the least bit cathartic– though in this case perhaps that was the point). But  we’ve hashed and rehashed them all so much with each other already and it’s late right now so I’m going to leave it at that. If you’re interested in telling us why we’re haters leave a comment and we can duke it out together tomorrow.