Guess which one's a surgery scar?
The ever-raging war on sadness continues with our most powerful weapon to date: The Joy Cannon. Firing iron spheres of comedy once or twice a week, it’s sure to defeat any Monday doldrums as long as they’re fortified with nothing more than revolutionary war–era defenses. Armed with the gunpowder of artistic talent and those weird dampened sponge rods of word-smithery, we’ll reload and explode with the military prowess of untrained civilians.

We’re in this together, internet people, under constant assault from Cubicles and Fox News and Unadopted Puppies and Robots Decommissioned Because They Had the Power to Love. But we cannot be defeated by these ever-present champions of sorrow. Instead we must rise up with laughter and delight, with humor and joy, and most importantly, with exaggeratedly grandiose website descriptions.

We are the comic in the long darkness, the pun in the mandatory sexual harassment awareness meeting, the wordplay in shadow of your neighbor’s overextending tree-branches. We are smiles, and fun, and comedy. We are JOY!

-The Joy Cannon